Adding Your Server To Gametracker


You will need an active game service and an account with Gametracker.
Your server must be online.

What is Gametracker?

Gametracker is a website that provides a server list for a large variety of games.


  1. Navigate to Gametracker.
  2. Navigate to the Servers Page.
  3. Find the Add a Server section.
  4. In the Game Type dropdown select the game that you have an active service for.
  5. In the IP or Domain Name field, input the IP to your server or if you have a domain redirect enter the domain. Make sure you do not include the port in this, for example:
  6. In the Join Port input the port for your server, for example: 27185.
  7. If the Query Port option is available, leave it as the default.
  8. Click the Add Server button.


Gametracker Example