Commandline Manager Explained

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What is the Commandline Manager?

The commandline manager for Garry’s Mod allows you to edit and interact with the pre-defined startup parameters of your server.

Base requirements of a commandline

  1. You must fill out the Description text field, for example Garry's Mod Commandline.

  2. You must tick the Select box to the left of: Server Config, Gamemode, RCon Password and Startup map.

  3. It’s advised that you leave any values you are unsure of as the default - especially Server Config.

  4. Both your Gamemode and Startup map must be valid for the server to boot correctly. See relevant article above.

Reaching the Commandline Manager

  1. Navigate to the Game Panel and proceed to login.

  2. Click on Game Services button and if prompted select the server you would like to reach the commandline manager for.

  3. Navigate to the Commandline Manager.

  4. Click on the Custom Commandlines tab.

  5. Click New to create a new one or click Edit to edit an existing one.

Commandline options

Server Config = Defines the file name of your server.cfg (This value is set by default, we advise against changing it)

Gamemode = Defines the gamemode that your Garry’s Mod server will be running, this should always be the foldername of the gamemode, for example darkrp

Disable Valve Anti-Cheat = Disables Valve Anti-Cheat. See relevant articles for more information.

RCon Password = Defines the password that you must use to allow usage of the RCon.

Startup map = The map that your server will use when the server initially boots. For example rp_downtown_v4c_v2.

Steam API Auth Key = The key used when setting up a Steam WorkshopDL. You can find this here: Steam API Key.

Tickrate = The rate at which the server refreshes. Higher is recommended for a lower playercount and for gamemodes such as Deathrun. Lower tickrate is recommended for heavily intense gamemodes such as DarkRP with a fair amount of players and addons.

Workshop Collection ID = Defines the ID of your Workshop collection that you are using for your Garry’s Mod servers WorkshopDL.

hunkalloclightmaps = Used to prevent your server crashing when using large maps such as Evocity and Rockford. See relevant articles for more information.