Connecting and using SFTP on Garry's Mod Servers

We’re currently phasing out standard FTP for a newer, faster, more secure connection protocol called SFTP. Here’s how to get started.

Download an SFTP Program:

Our top recommendation: WinSCP -

Others supported:

How to connect to your server with WinSCP via SFTP

  1. Open WinSCP, and you will be promoted with the connection box.

  2. Fill out the information we provided in your email inbox titled SFTP.



  1. Ensure you are using the correct options:
    File Protocol: SFTP
    Port: 8822

  2. Save your new connection session and click Login.

How to use and navigate WinSCP

Logging in


Navigating Files


Uploading Folders and Files from your Computer


Editing and Saving Files


Faster File Uploads Tip

  1. Open Options, then Preferences.

  2. Set the maximum number of transfers at the same time to 9 and turn on transfer in the background by default.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact us!