Connecting To A TF2 Server Via The Console

What is the console?

The console is an interface that allows you to run commands on your client.


  1. Launch Team Fortress 2*.

  2. Click on the Options button.

  3. Click on the Advanced button.

  4. Tick the Enable developer console box.

  5. Click on the Ok button.

  6. Click on the Apply button.

  7. By default the key to open the console is the key underneath your Esc key. If this is not the case, open the options again and navigate to the keyboard tab, then proceed to scroll to the bottom and check what key is assigned for you.

  8. In order to connect to your server, input connect ip into the console, replace ip with your servers IP address, for example: connect

    If you have a password on the server you are connecting with, input connect ip; password 123. Replace ip with your servers IP address and replace 123 with your servers password. For example: connect; password HexaneNetworks.