Creating A Starwars Rp Gamemode

Relevant Links

Using FileZilla (FTP) with Garry’s Mod

Using WinSCP (FTP) with Garry’s Mod

What does this change impact?

This makes your gamemode appear as “StarwarsRP” in the server browser.


This article only covers the method to create a StarwarsRP gamemode using an FTP client as that makes the process much easier. Please see the Relevant Links section and refer to one of the videos linked there depending on which is your preferred FTP client.

Preparing the gamemode

  1. Navigate to the DerivedRP Release Page and proceed to click on and download

  2. Using any extraction software of your choice (WinRAR is recommended), open the file and proceed to drag the derivedrp folder to your Desktop.

  3. Rename the derivedrp folder to starwarsrp and proceed to open it.

  4. Rename the derivedrp.txt to starwarsrp.txt and proceed to edit the file.

  5. Replace the title field with "StarwarsRP".

  1. Navigate back into the derivedrp folder and proceed to open the gamemode folder.

  2. Edit both the cl_init.lua and the init.lua and proceed to change the GM.Name to StarwarsRP.

Installing the gamemode

  1. Navigate to the Game Panel and proceed to login.

  2. Click on the Game Services button and if prompted select the server you would like to install StarwarsRP to.

  3. Navigate to the Mod Manager and proceed to install the latest version of DarkRP.

  4. Open up your preferred FTP client and proceed to login, if you’re having trouble with this step refer to the videos in the Relevant Links section.

  5. Navigate to the garrysmod/gamemodes directory and proceed to drag in the StarwarsRP derived gamemode we prepared earlier.

  6. Proceed to follow the Changing The Gamemode article set the gamemode to starwarsrp.

  7. Restart your server.