Error when reinstalling removed workshop addons

I’m aware there’s a topic already on this in the General section, but I’m having an issue related to removing Workshop Addons as a whole and that doesn’t exactly help.

So, to summarize. I have two servers open, one is where I’ve been working on two different gamemodes on my development server, which means every so often I need to clean out the addons folder to switch to the other gamemode base. The other is a server that requires constant addon clean outs and sometimes the reinstallation of said addons at a later date.

The issue is, whenever we try to reinstall an addon we uninstalled from our server previously, we get an error like the following;

Addon file cache missing, redownloading…
Error! Failed to read the downloaded file.

And in turn, this results in the addon that was ‘installed’ not working at all. We’re not sure what causes it, since I’m thorough in cleaning out the files from the server. Deleting it from both the garrysmod/cache/srcds folder and the /steam_cache/content/4000/ folder.

I REALLY, really need help fixing this issue. As it’s been causing a lot of problems for our server as a whole and messing with my own work.

I really wouldn’t go around editing/deleting things in steam_cache and cache best thing you can do is purge them all like this because you are probably missing references that steam still thinks they are installed

1. Stop the server 
2. Delete the folder `steam_cache` 
3. Delete the folder `garrysmod/cache`