Installing Cosmo

Cosmo is an all-in-one website solution for your community that includes an index page, donation store and forums.


Installing Cosmo

  1. Purchase Hexane Web Hosting Here

  2. Log in to the Web Hosting Control Panel with the credentials sent to your email. Alternatively, you can find the login details in the billing area.

  3. Navigate to the File Manager.

  4. Open the public_html folder.

  5. Download Cosmo from

  6. Open the .zip file on your computer with WinRAR.

  7. Create a new folder on your Desktop called cosmo.

  8. Back to the zip file you just opened, open the folder cosmo_web, select all the files and drag and drop them into the new cosmo folder on your Desktop.

  1. Once extracted into the new folder on your desktop, select all the files and folders and right-click to Add to Archive and proceed to create a new file called

  2. Upload the new file to the public_html folder in the File Manager.

  3. Right Click on the file and Extract into the current directory.

  4. Delete the file after extraction is complete.

  5. Navigate to your domain in your browser. For this example, we’re using

  6. Head back to the home of the web hosting control panel.

  7. Click MySQL Manager.

  8. Create a new Database and User called cosmo with a secure password.

  9. On the Cosmo installer page, fill out the details.

  10. Sucess! You have installed Cosmo. You can now log in to access the admin dashboard.

If you experience any issues, contact us!