Installing Gmsv Cloudauthx

What is it and what does it do?

The gmsv_cloudauthx module is a dll that allows Clockwork gamemodes to run correctly. Currently we don’t allow the installation of DLL files manually for security reasons, so this is the only way for the gmsv_cloudauthx module to be installed. If there are any errors when installing or the gmsv_cloudauthx module we provide is out of date please contact us in a ticket and we will resolve this as soon as possible.

How do I install the module?

  1. Login to the Game Panel using the login information provided in the Garry’s Mod Server Hosting Information email.

  2. Click on Game Services button and if prompted select the server you would like to install the DLL to.

  3. Navigate to the Mod Manager.

  4. Find gmsv_cloudauthx under the Modules category.

  5. Click the Install button.

  6. Restart your server.