Reinstalling Your Game Server

What does reinstalling your gameserver do?

Reinstalling your game server is the process of restoring its files to the default files of your game server.
This will remove all customizations that have been made to the server, and all progress will be lost.

NOTE: Reinstalling your server CAN NOT be reversed


  1. Navigate to our Game Panel and login.
  2. Navigate to Game Services (If you have multiple servers, select the one you wish to re-install)
  3. Click the Actions tab.
  4. Proceed to click Reinstall.
  5. You will be directed to a page to enter the new hostname and RCON Password.
  6. Once you’ve configured the above options, click the Reinstall text that is shown on the red bar. You will be given one last confirmation if you wish to continue.
  7. After clicking reinstall, the process will begin and may take a couple of minutes. Once the process is complete, the page will automatically refresh and a confirmation email will be sent to you.