Secure Your Billing Account With Two Factor Auth

Two-Factor Authentication is an additional method of security to confirm your identity when logging into your account. This means if anyone was to know your credentials (email, password), your account would be safe as the second layer of authentication would be required and only you as the genuine account owner would have that information in the form of a time-based token generated by your mobile phone.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication on your Billing account:

  1. Click here to navigate to the security page of your account of the billing area. Login if prompted.
  2. Proceed to click the button to enable 2FA.
    2FA Enable
  3. On your iOS or Android device, download: LastPass Authenticator (better with saving options to backup codes) or Google Authenticator (basic)
    2FA App
  4. Open the app, click Add and scan the QR code which is shown on your screen on the billing portal 2FA window.
  5. Type in the code the app generated.
    2FA Code
  6. You’ve now completed setting up Two-Factor Authentication on your billing account.

You’ll be now prompted whenever you login to enter the code generated by the mobile app.

If you’ve lost your phone or unable to access the codes and would like 2FA removed, please contact us from the email your account is under and we’ll get back to you.