Server Wont show up

My server won’t show up in the server list , i have the dev server , i have put my gameserver token and everything

What’s your server IP? I’ll be happy to look into this for you. is the ip , the host name is LightRP DEV (my discord)

For some reason my server is blacklisted

Ignoring server 'LightRP En DEV @ - is blacklisted
Ignoring blacklisted server 'LightRP En DEV @ (x2) i got the server 1 day ago

I’ve sent the person who manages that blacklist an email.

We could change your server IP now if you wish for this to be fixed sooner. Please let me know.

I would like it to be fixed sooner if that would be possible . Thank you

This is actually the best/fastest support anybody can ask for , i am in love with this support , i have never seen better , buying from hexane has been my best choice !

I’ve switched you to a new IP. Please let me know if that works out for you.

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It works perfectly fine , Thanks alot

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