Setting Yourself To Superadmin Through ULX

What is Superadmin?

Superadmin is a rank in ULX that provides you with access to all of the ULX commands.


You will need both ULX and ULib installed on your Garry’s Mod server, you can install these directly from our Mod Manager.


  1. Navigate to the Game Panel and proceed to login.
  2. Click on Game Services button and if prompted select the server you would like to give yourself Superadmin on.
  3. Join your server.
  4. Navigate to the Web Console.
  5. Enter the following command: ulx adduser name superadmin. Replace name with your Steam username.
    If you get an error Command "ulx adduser", argument #1: No target found or target has immunity! this is because you have typed your name incorrectly.
    To fix this issue you can use the command ulx adduserid "STEAMID" superadmin. SteamID can be found here: SteamID IO
  6. In-game type !menu in chat and it will bring up the ULX menu containing all the commands you now have access to.


Setting yourself to Superadmin through ULX